If the Seahawks were an Old World Wine…

It’s Sunday , 4:30pm.

The Superbowl is in high gear and the cocktail lounge echoes with cheers from yet another Seahawk touchdown.

Christopher tosses himself onto the velvet covered booth, deftly placing his winter beer on the table before the whoompf of a landing. Enjoying the game and the company of his friends, this proprietor of a newly renovated wine and cocktail bar in Fremont savors the joyous ambiance of his temporary Seahawks Cave.
As the Seahawks continue to thunder down that yardage, I asked Christopher, what wine from his current  menu would pair well with the Hawks. Why not pair your team with a wine that exhibits some similar characteristic? With more than 150 wines by the glass, he’s got an array of choices.
Initially tickled by the thought of such a scandalous pairing (What? Not beer or bourbon pairing..wine?), he quickly warmed to the task, scanned his Reds listing. First, of course, he had to describe the performance of the Seahawks today:
“These guys are like a freight train! Va Voom!” Well said, my man, well said.
The Wine: For his pairing choice Christopher offered a Bisceglia, Gudarrà 2008 Aglianico del Vulture , a powerful, tannic wine from Southern Italy. This Va Voom wine is so big it really needs to be matched with foods similar, shall we say, in Beastly attributes? He recommended pairing pizza, pasta with tomato sauces and spicy sausage or lamb dishes.
With that, he dashed off to the buffet, which included the requisite chips, salsa and oh, of course, truffle popcorn, the new Cave Man treat. It IS a wine bar, after all.

bthief.com, Fremont WA, Center of the Universe

About Cabfranca

Adventures of a wine appreciator and her tasting notes via sometimes the semi-fictional persona, Cabfranca. The wines are true, the stories are mostly true, through a well lived sense of wine travel and the beauty that can be found along that trail.
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