At Large – Or Soon To Be

Well readers, if there are any left out there since my long sabbatical away from this writing station; I am back! Not in the The Shining sort of way but in a real, ready to go and begin a new direction of wine adventures kind of way.

You may or may not know, but I have been living and wining in the lovely Pacific Northwest since 1989.  I didn’t become a true wino until the past 10 or 15 years, so it’s been a great game of catch up to the rest of my wine besotted friends that I have been hanging out with.

Soms, wine judges, wine bar owners, students of the industry, and graduates with budding vineyards (yes that was intentional) – they have all passed their influences upon me and my curious wine palate.

I have a wine pourers permit, a Class 12 as they designate it here in Washington State, but my main experience has been as a supporter of  a couple of volunteer organizations that create and staff wine events throughout the year.

I have always said “I Will Work For Wine”. And I do, for free mostly, but more for the experience of enjoying the winemakers and the events. Yes you work some and you hustle and bus tables, but at the end, if you are lucky, you get to enjoy the odd half bottle left on the table and  the camaraderie of the other volunteers.


This photo is from the visiting Pinot Noirs of Oregon -a trade then public event – that came to Seattle earlier this Spring.  I was lucky to be able to volunteer here.  See how straight those bottles and labels are? I helped do that little chore.

What I am getting at though, more importantly, is that I will be moving shortly to the sunny southern portion of Oregon state. Yes, I’m leaving the Seattle, Washington area and all its charms for a warmer locale, with new wines, new vines and hopefully a whole new set of wine adventures.

I will be arriving in the Applegate Valley, at the southern end of the wine trail there, setting up house, and hopefully a thriving ,wine supportive AirBnB business to boot.

So until I DO get there (by July 1st, 2016) I will catch you up on all the variety of things I’ve been up to since I last posted a chapter in this exciting and delicious avocation of studying the grape.

More to follow, until then….









About Cabfranca

Adventures of a wine appreciator and her tasting notes via sometimes the semi-fictional persona, Cabfranca. The wines are true, the stories are mostly true, through a well lived sense of wine travel and the beauty that can be found along that trail.
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