Living it Up Down Here in Southern Oregon

It has been a  trip. Literally.  Move from a town north of Seattle to a town west of Medford.

The last time I wrote was quite awhile ago; so many events and life changes have come between me and my keyboard. Due to an accelerated timeline for a big move, it was apparent I needed to devote my time to everything related to the move.

Don’t get me wrong, I still participated in as  many wine centered gigs, happenings, tastings, festivals and bottles of wine that I could but did have slow it way down.

So let me recap for you:

October 2015 – Preliminary research led us  to explore the beauty of the Applegate Valley, in Southern Oregon. Our first trip there, a final decision was quickly made and we were sold on making this area that we’d like to pre-retire to.

February 2016 – Final research trip with other family members to show them this is why we are selling the Washington State home to relocate 450 miles south.

July 1st, 2016 – I will not bore you with the details but I will say this, those were 4 months of massive work and stress to put our home up for sale; arrange to buy the new home, and gather ourselves into 2 cars, a 26 foot moving truck, with 4 cats and my 6 boxes of wine.

July 4th through December 31st, 2016 – Spent lots of time acclimating to the rural lifestyle, remodeling a 1964 built home on 7 acres of treed land, pulling barbed wire fences, enjoying the sights and new culture of our new home.  Finally landing a job that doesn’t pay what I’m used to or deserve, but it does give the benefits that will allow me to enjoy the life adventures in this area as well as afford me a bottle of wine and few wine events here and there.

So why, you might ask,did we pick up and move? Leave high paying jobs to start over in an area that has much lower salaries and no Thai food? The wine, a new AVA for us, and the beauty of river-filled, mountain happy country.

So be a patient reader and I will attempt to show you some things here, share my discoveries and perhaps entice you to visit and taste your way through the many wineries I’m learning to love. ~Cheers!

About Cabfranca

Adventures of a wine appreciator and her tasting notes via sometimes the semi-fictional persona, Cabfranca. The wines are true, the stories are mostly true, through a well lived sense of wine travel and the beauty that can be found along that trail.
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